Friday, July 29, 2011


I always have people approaching me wanting to know "How do you do it?".  The answer is there is no magic formula it is just experience.   But if you want to save big money you have to start somewhere... just as I and every other couponer had to start somewhere! 

Learning to use coupons is like learning to ride a bicycle... it's a lot of work and trial and error.  At first you need someone to guide you.  You need practice... lots of practice.  You may fall off of the bicycle at first but you get back on until you get it right.  Then, one day, you get it and you take off all by yourself and you've got it!  From that moment forward you know how to ride a bicycle and you feel as free as a bird and there is no looking back!  The beauty of it is that you will now know how to do ride a bike and you will know how to ride a bike forever.  Learning to use coupons is very similar to that experience. 

Everyone has different methods of using coupons and there is no one way that is set in stone you just have to do what works for you!  If you read my blog from yesterday you know that there are different methods of organizing and using coupons.  I prefer to use my CUT IT OUT Coupon Organizer and cut out and save every coupon for any product or service that I think I would use (or someone I know could use or that I could donate) if I got that item for FREE.  At first I only clipped coupons that was for things I currently used and that were for a high dollar amount.  I quickly figured out that I was throwing money away (by throwing out coupons that I kept finding deals for and wishing I had that coupon) and I do not like throwing money away nor do I have enough money to just throw it away. 

I suggest that if you are serious about saving money with coupons you first read my blog about where to find coupons (read yesterday's blog titled "THINK OUTSIDE THE NEWSPAPER").  Next, figure out what method of organizing your coupons works best for you.  Then, once you know where to find coupons and how to organize them research how to use the coupons to maximize your savings.  I truly believe that my method (as described in previous blogs) is best for me and would work well for anyone especially if you are just starting out.  Read blogs written by couponers who are saving lots of money.  Subscribe to as many blogs, newsletters, websites etc. as you can.  Deals will find you instead of you having to find them.  Also check out YouTube.  Search for couponing videos.  Women (and men) who love their coupons and their deals love to brag and tell you how they did it!  This helped me out alot.

Since coupon policies vary by region and/or store, always be sure to check with your local stores to find out their coupon policies.  Many cashiers think they are the coupon police so it is imperative that if you are planning a shopping trip that you familiarize yourself with that particular store's coupon policies (print them off and take them with you to avoid any unwanted confrontation for best results).  Always remember to treat the cashiers with the utmost respect as they usually are just doing their job!  On the other hand, if they do not accept your coupons for whatever reason, don't feel bad about telling them you don't want the items.  You do not have to buy something that you do not want.  You must speak up... especially if you think you are right (don't be rude or abusive to the cashier &/or manager just be matter of fact with them).  Also, keep your eye on the way they are ringing up your coupons (for example if you have a B1G1 make sure they are giving the right item to you for free). 

The only thing left to do is just go and do it... practice makes perfect (well, maybe not perfect).  If at first you don't succeed... try, try, and try again!  Happy Couponing:)

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