Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Do you have trouble deciding how many coupons to clip for each item???  Do you have trouble deciding how much of one item you should purchase without being excessive and just becoming a hoarder disguised as a savvy shopper???  DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS!!!  Lucky for you I am here to help:)

First of all you have to remember that most products go on sale and have a matching coupon every three months or so.  This means that you should at least clip enough coupons to stock up for three months.  If you don't want to buy that many newspapers ask your friends, family and coworkers to save their unwanted coupons for you or join coupon sharing groups such as Coupon Pen Pals on Facebook.  Now, you have to decide how much of this product you will use in a 3 month time span and buy accordingly.  If it is something you will get for free but will not use as much as you have coupons for, you should consider getting the product and donating it to a local charity or needy family.  Every little bit helps and giving is much better than receiving.  Also keep in mind that the product you have a coupon for that is on sale that you can get an amazing deal on may not go on sale every 3 months so you should stock up just to be on the safe side.  In order to maximize your savings you must only buy stuff when it is on sale and when you get an amazing price on the product.  I know a lot of people who only buy a few of each item because it is what they will use imminently.  Then when it is time to re-stock they end up paying retail or buying a generic that ends up costing way more than if they would have just stocked up when it was on sale and they had a coupon. 

In order to be able to stock up on products when you get the great deals you must have an ample supply of coupons.  If you need help finding coupons please read my blog article "Think Outside The Newspaper" which you can find here:  http://cutitoutco.blogspot.com/2011/07/think-outside-newspaper.html.  Now let me give you a little scenario as an example on maximizing savings.  This past week I got a 24oz. bottle of Dawn Dishwashing liquid for $0.14 + tax after the store's sale price and my $0.75/1 mfg cpn which my store doubled.  A bottle of dishwashing liquid lasts me about 1 1/2 months.  Let's say I only bought 2 because I did not want to be excessive.  Also, two weeks ago I purchased Cottonelle toilet paper at another store during a 2-day sale during which time the tp was 1/2 price and I had $0.75/2 mfg cpn which the store doubled... I ended up paying $1.25 each for a 6pk of double rolls (reg. price is $3.99).  Let's say I go through a 6 pk every 2 weeks and I only purchased 4 because again I did not want to seem excessive, compulsive, like a hoarder etc.  Today I am out of toilet paper and I am out of dishwashing liquid.  I don't have any coupons (this is purely hypothetical of course... I am just trying to make a point) and there are no sales.  If I buy even 1 Dawn at reg. price which is $2.99 & one Cottonelle at reg. price which is $3.99 I will have spent $6.98 (+ tax of course).   Looking back if I had purchased more of those items when they were on sale and I had coupons for them I could have gotten 5 additional 6pks of the Cottonelle and 5 additional bottles of the Dawn for the price I just paid for one of each at regular price.  Now if you have to pay retail you end up spending more money than you wanted to and are going to feel guilty using your other disposable cash stocking up on other items which are on sale and for which you have a coupon so you may forgo purchasing these items.  In the long run you will inevitably spend more money than is necessary on the sale items you should be purchasing now while you can get a great deal... it is a vicious cycle!  DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS!!!

If you truly want to be a savvy saver avoid all of the unnecessary spending simply by CLIPPING ALL OF THE COUPONS YOU CAN AND BUYING ENOUGH PRODUCT THAT IS ON SALE AND YOU HAVE COUPONS FOR TO LAST YOU UP TO 6 MONTHS IF POSSIBLE BUT AT LEAST 3 MONTHS!  And in order to maximize savings you must ORGANIZE YOUR COUPONS with a CUT IT OUT Coupon Organizer... these organizers make clipping, organizing and using your coupons a breeze!!!  After all... you can't use a coupon that you can't find!!!

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