Wednesday, September 26, 2012

*** 9/25/2012 Facebook Fan of the Day ***

CONGRATULATIONS to my awesome fan KIM MANION who was chosen as yesterday's Random Fan of the Day!!!  Kim won an envelope stuffed full of clipped coupons!  If you would like to be chosen as today's Fan show me why I should choose you! 

~ Like my Facebook status.
~  Plead your case and tell me why I should choose you.
~ Share my post on your Facebook page.
~  Follow my blog.
~  Send me your favorite recipe or organizing tip to share on my blog.
~  Post a funny joke here.
~  Write a poem for me (hahahaha.... let's see if anyone actually does this!)

The most creative Fan today will win $200 worth of clipped coupons!!!!!!  DID I MENTION YOU ARE AWESOME AND I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOU:):):):)

I will announce the winner after 8pm tonight so you have plenty of time to get creative!!!

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