Saturday, August 27, 2011

*** COUPON PenPals Sign-Up Sheet ***

Anyone who is interested in becoming a COUPON PenPal can just go to this link and enter their information to get started. 

Please remember that you and the person you are exchanging coupons with must contact each other and decide how you are going to trade coupons and exchange any additional contact information (such as your address where the coupons will be mailed).  For example, are you going to trade an equal amount or only agreed upon coupons.  And PLEASE agree to the date you should mail them out by (I highly recommend that you exchange coupons once a week and that you have them mailed out by every Tuesday). 

You can have as many COUPON PenPals as you would like.  If anyone is not complying with their end of your mutual COUPON PenPals agreement, please discontinue sharing coupons with them and then email me so I can try to resolve the problem. 

Thank You!

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