Monday, September 5, 2011

So Many Coupons... So Little Time!!

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your coupons?  Don't know where to start with sorting them, filing them, figuring out how/when/where to use them?  Trust me you are not alone!!!  So many people start using coupons because of all of the hype of saving big money only to be disappointed with their results.  You have dedicated hours to clipping coupons out of the newspaper and searched for hours upon hours for deals on the internet but it feels like you are spinning your wheels and just falling into a deep vat of coupons and instead of cashing in on big savings you are just spending more money on Tylenol from the headache the process is giving you!  Have no fear... Super Tina is here (haha... I just thought of that... I crack myself up:)!

Let me tell you from first hand experience that there is no better feeling in the world (okay there is but this is a pretty good feeling I'm getting ready to talk about) than going shopping and scoring a 100% savings... and once you do it's like crack... you have to do it again... and again... and again!  Luckily, this habit costs a whole lot less and the only place you will have to rob to support your habit is your local market/convenient store/ drug store or whatever store you like to frequent the most and it is legal (as long as you are not commiting coupon fraud).  The problem is, how do you get from feeling overwhelmed and consumed by couponing to using coupons efficiently and effectively to be at the point where you can score the 100% savings????

The key is quite simple... GET ORGANIZED!  If you got up in the morning and went to get dressed for work and you asked your maid (you all have maids...right????) where a particular black suit jacket that you wanted to wear that day and she said it is downstairs in the laundry that I did three weeks ago on Monday with the rest of the laundry I did that day that would require you to hunt down the laundry that was done on that particular day and then sort through all of those clothes until you found it and then go back upstairs.  Then you want to know where your black dress socks are and she says they are in the laundry downstairs that I did four weeks ago on Friday so you have to go back and search through that laundry and then go back upstairs only to need your white dress shirt... Maybe you are starting to see the pattern.  Wouldn't it make more sense to organize your closet by putting all of your black jackets together, and all of your black socks in the same drawer and all of your white shirts together in the closet and so forth??? The same thing goes with coupons... Handling the same insert over and over and over again to find various coupons is just so much more work than it has to be!  Why wouldn't you organize your coupons like you organize everything else in your life?  Just as it makes sense to put all of your black jackets in your closet together so if you need a black jacket you simply open up your closet, find the jackets and then go to the black jackets and you have all of your black jackets right there to choose from why wouldn't you put all of your like coupons in one section and then put all of the identical coupons together so if you need a particular coupon you open up your binder and find it within 20 seconds as opposed to having to go to the inserts from 7/24 and then searching all of those inserts for a particular item, then having to re-file the inserts only to get them out again over and over and over again everytime someone tells you there is a coupon in one of them.  Not only is this total chaos but you are exhausting so much needless time and effort.  Doesn't it make much more sense to just cut them out and organize them and then be able to know you have them if you need them?  Also, if your coupons are tucked away safely in a file somewhere and not with you how do you know what coupons you even have? 

I can not stress to you enough how important organizing your coupons is!!!!  In order to save big money you need lots of coupons... I always say you can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many coupons:)  And if you have lots of coupons you need to have them organized in order to find them or they are simply pieces of paper taking up space. 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!!!  I am keeping those in the path of the storms in my thoughts and prayers!!

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